Woodlock House Family Capital


Woodlock House Family Capital, LP, is a long-only fund established in 2018 and managed by co-founder Chris Mayer.

For accredited investors only.

Our Principles

Woodlock aims to provide superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. The core principles of the firm are summed up by the acronym CODE.

C is for cheap – We seek to acquire stakes in publicly traded businesses at significant discounts to what an informed buyer would pay for the whole firm. 

O is for owners – We invest with people who have skin in the game through significant insider ownership and/or incentives aligned with shareholders.

D is for disclosures – We invest in businesses with clean public disclosures and understandable economics. 

E is for excellent financial condition – We avoid balance sheet risk and look for businesses that are self-funding and/or use modest financial leverage or none at all.

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