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Q&A, Part 2

Hello and happy Friday. I mentioned I would do another Q&A to get to answer more questions. You'll find Q&A Part 2 below. But…

I wanted to experiment and so I did this one as a YouTube video. It’s about 35 minutes long. I did it in one cut. Done. No editing or nothing. (Shoutout to Mark Bunting over at Uncommon Sense Investor for offering to host it and edit. Nice fellow. But I decided to risk it and try it myself. Worst case is people hate it and I look like an idiot. I can deal with that.)

It takes time to write the blog. (Believe it or not!) And so I thought maybe short video talks like this might be another way to stay in touch and talk about ideas and such. Let me know what you think. I’m not sure what I think about it – as I say I’m just experimenting. I’m also sporting a beard in this video. Not sure I’ll keep that either!

Finally, the usual disclaimers apply. I’m not giving investment advice. I’m just yapping off the cuff and may have said some things that aren’t so. Yada yada. See here for more scintillating legal stuff: [link].

Anyway, video link is here:

Q&A Part 2

Have a great weekend!


Published October 20, 2023

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